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Coolio Says, Interview
Coolio Says, Interview



Last year UBERGLAM gave their students a chance to showcase their collection to the public during their Second annual Fashion Show held in November 2011.  Founder and Designer, Lelanie Jaques gave us a tour of this cooLio fashion institution:


What is Überglam?  Where is it situated?

ÜberGlam is a training studio for fashion designers. We offer part time and flexible courses in fashion design.  The studio is lead by myself, Lelanie Jaques, its founder & fashion designer.  We are situated in Fairland.


What inspired you to start this business venture?

A very good client of mine begged me to teach her and her daughters to design and construct their own creations. After working in the industry as a designer for 10 years, I started training these 3 ladies in my lounge.  Since then, UberGlam has grown into an annual student base of about 50 students, and have trained a total of about 250 people to date.


Did you study Fashion before?

I studied Fashion Design at Technikon Witwatersrand (which is known as UJ today)


What does Überglam offer for those interested in studying fashion?

UberGlam offers a relaxed atmosphere where students can do our part time or flexible courses in fashion design.  The part time courses are great for learning all the basics of fashion design, and our flexible classes are perfect for those who just want to learn specific areas of design or focus on something specific eg. making a jacket or needing assistance or mentorship with their collections or client orders.


Who can enrol at Uberglam?

At UberGlam there is no age barrier - anybody with a passion for fashion design may enroll. Our youngest student to date was 9 years old, and our oldest 65.


What brought about the idea of having a Fashion show?

The idea of the fashion show was mainly due to a request by the students to showcase their creations to family and friends.  As the founder of ÜberGlam, I felt that the students were too talented for this fashion show to be limited to family and friends, and started inviting the media to get some extra publicity and coverage for the highly talented students and to offer a foundation for those who were interested to launch their own clothing lines.  The outcome has been amazing and we are thrilled about the feedback and support our students have been receiving.


Will there be another Uberglam Fashion show this year?  If yes how different will it be from the previous one?

The fashion show is an annual event, and will take place on the 10th of November this year.  We loved the venue last year (the prestigious Rand Park Golf Club) so we have booked it again this year.  We are planning to have a similar set-up but with different décor etc to bring something new to the event.  It is always important to learn from your experiences and to improve where you can.  So, naturally there are a few operational things we will change to make this year’s show even more successful than the last.


What are your thoughts about the fashion industry in SA?

I am very excited about the talent that South African fashion designers have to offer.  There is a huge international interest in the SA fashion Industry and it is great to know that the world is starting to recognize South Africa in this regard.


What is Fashion to you?  What is in this winter?

To me fashion is a combination of key seasonal items mixed with your own personal touch and flair.   There’s no denying that your mood is quite a big influence on what you decide to wear each day.  I love layering and dressing up for winter.  What is huge this winter is Pencil skirts & A-line skirts, chiffon and bow blouses, lots of leather, lots of texture, especially knitted garments, Maxi dresses,  horizontal stripes – especially in dresses! Purple and plum is big this season, and Hounds tooth will make an appearance for the first time in a while.


What's your advice to upcoming designers or anyone else?

I would like to encourage anyone with a passion and flair for fashion to follow their dream.  Don’t ever think it is too late to follow your dreams. 


If you are interested in studying fashion at Uberglam contact Lelanie Jaques on the following details:

Lelanie Jaques:  082 825 9355


Visit the Coolio Says blog for fashion forward info and tips... 



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